​​​​​​​​​Things to Consider About This Trip

Our goal is to provide the trip of a lifetime for Outlander fans, and to make sure that everyone has a special experience. Please take the following points into consideration as you plan.

How do I know if this trip is right for me?

This trip will be enjoyed most by:

  •  Outlander diehard fans who have read DOA, FC, and ABOSAA (minimum) and enjoyed the details of geography, history and the character interactions.
  • Those who love Outlander for its history, with a keen interest in colonial America and the American Revolution; particularly in North Carolina.
  • Those who enjoy historical site tours, documentaries and museums.
  • Those who are able to relax and enjoy the ride between attractions, and the company of others who share the same passion as you do for our favorite Highlander and Outlander.
  • Those who are able to withstand long "road trips" - we'll be covering approximately 1,200 miles in 8 days. If you get car sick, make sure you have medication with you (though it's not likely to be needed on our large charter bus.)  We will be traveling down winding country roads and the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  • Those who are able to withstand HEAT and HUMIDITY. North and South Carolina are very hot places in June (as you know from the books!). Participants should be able to tolerate heat, humidity and switching back and forth from hot outside to cool inside temperatures.
  • Please, no children under 18. We will be showing videos and reading passages from the books which may contain "adult" content. 

What should I pack for this trip? 

  • "Pack and go" - we change hotels every night. Please pack as lightly as possible using wheeled luggage that you can manage yourself. The driver will pack the luggage into the bus's storage space for us and lift it out and where possible, we will have luggage delivered to your rooms. Last but not least, we will use luggage carts, but this isn't the trip for three piece luggage sets. You won't need it, anyway. No one will care if you repeat your outfits.
  • Dress for comfort. Bring a comfortable jacket/shirt with sleeves. It will be very hot outside, but inside the bus and buildings can be very cool if you are sleeveless and wearing shorts. You may also want a visor or sun hat if you are sensitive to the hot summer sun.
  • Bring and wear insect repellent, sunscreen, and sunglasses. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AS SOME THE SITES WE WILL VISIT ARE HEAVILY WOODED. If you have allergies to bee stings, make sure you bring medication and your Epi-pen!
  • Shoes:  For your own safety, wear comfortable, broken-in walking shoes such as supportive athletic-type shoes. Some sites are gravelled or planked - and there are little crawling creatures in the woods, so protect your feet!  
  • Streets are cobbled in Charleston, Wilmington and New Bern, so if you have a mobility challenge, please use an assistive device such as a cane or walker if you need one for safety and balance.
  • You should need nothing more formal than a pair of sandals or flip flops for indoor activities. Everything on this trip is vacation casual.
  • Remember, Jamie and Claire did this with just the clothes on their backs!  Pack lightly and smartly! Clarence the mule won't be there to carry our luggage!

Why is the tour eight days long?

Because North and South Carolina are big states! North Carolina has an area of 53,819 mi² and the trip to Charleston is roughly 200 miles in itself. We've tried to include as many of the pertinent sites from the books as possible since this may be your only vacation in the Carolinas. There are still other places mentioned in the books that we've had to leave out because of time! We will be covering approximately 1,200 miles in a counter clockwise circle around the state of North Carolina. We are sticking pretty much to the exact path that Claire and Jamie took and it still took a week to get all of this in at a safe speed. With that said, there's no doubt you are getting your money's worth.

Why does the tour start in Charleston?  Drums of Autumn began in Savannah, GA.

See the above question. Geographically and architecturally speaking, both towns are similar enough for readers to get an idea of what Savannah, Georgia is like.

​​​What is the bus like?

Carolina Tartan Tours has partnered with Holiday Tours, Inc., an experienced and highly renowned bus tour company to provide you with an amazing travel experience.

You will relax in luxury and comfort while our staff take care of all of the details.

The bus accommodates 50 passengers. We plan on accepting a maximum of 40.

The Deluxe Prevost motor coach we are traveling on is air-conditioned, video-equipped, has adjustable reading lamps, folding arm rests and magazine racks. A restroom is included on our full-size motor coach.

What is there to do on the bus while we are on the road?

Carolina Tartan Tours will provide a tour guide and hostess who is an expert on North Carolina's geography and history as well as the Outlander books and characters. The bus is equipped with a PA system and you will participate in activities and laugh ... a lot! We will play Oulander trivia games, discuss the books and watch shows on the bus's video viewing system. There will be door prizes and even a "swag bag" for each person on the tour.


Will accommodations be available for people with handicaps?

  • The bus is equipped with a hydraulic wheelchair lift. For safety reasons, passengers cannot stand on the lift. We will have a wheelchair onboard if you simply need "a lift" getting on and off the bus.
  • If you travel in a wheelchair and need assistance with the wheelchair or seat transfers on the bus, during the trip and its stops or in the hotels, please plan on traveling with another tour attendee who can assist you.
  • The lift serves to get on and off the bus, but neither Holiday Tours, Inc., its staff or Carolina Tartan Tours are able to provide qualified personnel to assist beyond that.
  • Some of the historic sites we visit are very old buildings and have areas with limited wheelchair access. Some of the sites have natural ground surfaces. Please call Crystal Hilton at Holiday Tours, Inc. for more information at 336.274.5749.


Where do I join the bus?

​If you are driving to the pickup points you can park at the long term parking lot at the Pickup/drop off at Charlotte Douglas Airport (approximately $5.00 per day) and Greensboro Piedmont Triad International airport (approximately $8.00 per day). There will be free, dedicated parking in a shopping center located off Holden Road and I-85 in Greensboro. Depending upon where our travelers arrive, we will provide an exact location for pickup as our departure date draws closer.


Top 10 Reasons to go on this tour if you are also considering a trip to Scotland: 

  1. No passport needed.
  2. No exchange rate.
  3. Easy access and shorter distance by plane, train or automobile.
  4. Learn about the history of America.
  5. Get to know other Outlander fans and make friends.
  6. See the mountains, the sea and all of the beauty in between.
  7. Be prepared for Season 4 of Outlander- ahead of the show!.
  8. No driving, no planning, no arrangements to make - just fly/drive in, relax, and enjoy the trip.
  9. Learn to love grits, red-eye gravy, fried chicken, the best barbecue in the world and turnip greens.
  10. Learn to speak a little Gaelic, but a whole lotta Southern.

Okay, I'm interested.  What's next?

You are about to become a member of an elite group!! There are only 40 seats available. This is the only trip currently scheduled, but if the demand is there, more trips may be scheduled on different dates. Seat choice is awarded by the date payment is completed. The reservation fee is $50, and you can make payments at anytime you like as long as your account is paid in full by April 18, 2017.  We expect to fill this tour quickly so if you are considering participating, make your reservation as soon as possible with Holiday Tours (see Pricing tab.) We will communicate with those signed up for the trip via a closed Facebook group and group emails.  Any additional tours will be announced on this website and on social media.

Is there something I can print to show this to a friend?

Yes! Click here for a printable .pdf of our brochure.


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