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​Carolina Tartan Tours has been in the planning for twenty-plus years, ever since the release of Diana Gabaldon's fourth Outlander novel, Drums of Autumn. A North Carolina girl born-and-bred, Sharon Pratt's life was changed by the novel, Drums of Autumn.

"The excitement was almost unbearable; to have the characters of Outlander - Claire and Jamie - coming to settle in North Carolina, of all the places in the world that Diana Gabaldon could have placed them- was amazing!  It was like having people you just love move in next door!" .

For Sharon, and countless other Tar Heel fans of the books it took the word "obsession" to new heights. Because of the Outlander novels, she became increasingly aware of her state's (and ultimately her own family's) connection to the Scots and their rich culture, much of which still exists in North Carolina culture today.  

The next several years found Sharon on the road with family and friends driving all over the state to visit locations, landmarks, and the terrain so vividly described in Drums of Autumn, The Fiery Cross, and A Breath of Snow and Ashes. In what has almost become a ritual for Gabaldon fans, she had to know more.  Inspired, she pored over state and local history books, genealogy society articles, and anything to do with colonial North Carolina. Finally, much  to her surprise, she discovered her own Scottish  ancestry.

"One of the biggest highlights of my life, (after marriage and childbirth,of course)  was finding out not only did I have Scottish ancestors, but the cherry on the sundae was finding out he was a Regulator, too!  I whooped out real loud when I read that- I couldn't have been any more proud if he had been a King of England!"

The idea of sharing the beauty of North Carolina's flora and fauna, its mountains, foothills, Piedmont, Sandhills, coastal plains and unspoiled coastline with other Outlander fans first emerged in the form of a website in the mid nineties. However, the internet was still young and creating websites required no small amount of technical skill and knowledge

Although that website never happened, the idea never left. Now, thanks to millions of fans connecting from across the world via social media and to the long-awaited adaptation of Outlander to a highly successful television series (and to her own retirement from her education career) our time has come!  

Sharon's idea has now taken on a new form; a real life tour of North Carolina specially designed for OUTLANDER fans. Let us share the joys and beauty of this land with you in person on a week long luxury charter bus vacation. Relax and enjoy stories, legends, and Southern hospitality while allowing us to do all of the planning and driving!  

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Sharon Pratt

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